Tokenised Asset Classes: TUSPICE

Tokenised Assets

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General Conclusion

Tokenised asset classes can be classified into seven classes and the acronym to remember for this is T U S P I C E.

Asset Classes

Asset class is a way of grouping assets that exhibit similar characteristics. Each item in the class is subject to the same laws and regulations. Asset classes include stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, real estate, etc.

Like asset classes, tokenised asset classes is a way of grouping types of tokens that exhibit similar characteristics. The way of grouping the tokens is based on the value they represent.

Tokens within a class have similar characteristics and behave similarly in the marketplace.

Tokenised Asset Classes

Classification of the value the tokenised asset classes are based on the traditional way securities are categorised. Taking a step further as we can tokenise more things, we now have an expanded list of tokenised asset class.

What Else Did You Miss?

  • TUSPICE model in detail

    • Tokenised Securities

    • Utility

    • Security token

    • Pegged token

    • Intellectual property

    • Commodities

    • Exchange

TLDR: Tokenised asset classes can be classified into seven classes with the acronym T U S P I C E. The seven classes are Tokenised securities, Utility, Security Token, Pegged Token, Intellectual property, Commodities, and Exchange.

More details will be out on Edition 2 of the book.